Ensure your print can match the designs expectations

If you’re going to invest in branding and packaging design, ensure your print can match the designs expectations.

One of the toughest challenges in launching new pack design is ensuring that the final product looks like what has been designed by the agency and signed off by the client.

Often the limitations of the final print may not match the initial expectations due to certain setup requirements. Take this example from Quorn.

There are two key issues here. The print method of flexo doesn’t readily allow for fine detail or smooth vignettes, so trying to replicate photorealistic elements will always reduced appetite appeal on images.

Secondly, this print method relies on colour fields being setup slightly larger than required and overlap, so that if the plates drift there isn’t a white edge around them.

The downside of this is that you often then get deep dark lines around images and holding shapes as you can see it here with the red lozenge and red chilli.

Having that conversation with printer regards set up right from the off, ensures that the design of the pack and set up of the artwork allows for this and mitigates these sort of ugly executions.

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