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So, Christmas is now just a distant memory. The tree is packed away but the carpets and sofa is still full of glitter – where does that stuff come from!?

Last night, I finished off the last of the Quality Street. This year, they’ve made a big move to take all of the individual wraps from plastic and foil into paper.

The one common comment in our household was that this move has resulted in a much less exciting experience. The anticipation created by the the ‘creek’ when unwrapping the plastic wraps has been replaced with a fairly lacklustre silence.

With the move to paper, some of that excitement and vibrancy of colour could have been maintained through a better design on the individual wraps themselves. If you are going to remove something, it makes sense to add something back in to replace what has been lost.

The outer pack for me is also an issue. Whilst the design of the bag is the same, doesn’t a plastic bag then send mixed messages to the consumer. The print quality shows a big move away from the quality, promised by the brand. The print lacks depth, vibrancy and detail incredibly important if you are trying to convey ‘Quality’.

Whilst there is a understandable role for being more sustainable, the changing materials needs to be taken into consideration, so it’s not compromise the overall perception of the product. If the wrappers lose their shimmer, make up for this in the design of the paper replacements.

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