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Home Care Trends 2021

With the majority of the country working from home during lockdown, it’s no surprise that home care and DIY has sky rocketed in interest. Whether it’s tackling your garden fence you’ve been putting off for years or fixing that wonky picture frame you always stare at during your zoom calls, consumers are spending the time transforming their home.

Today we look at the upcoming home care and DIY trends for 2021. We will also be analysing how home care has evolved over the past year and what exactly people were searching for. 

Lockdown Searches

On the 23rd March 2020, the first lockdown was announced. The very thought of people having to work and live in the same 4 walls encouraged a significant amount of searches that day for the following home care terms according to Google Trends:

  • DIY
  • How to paint
  • How to fix
  • Fence paint
  • House extensions 

As we couldn’t hire a professional during lockdown, many people tried to quickly work on their DIY skills and turned to brands and tutorials for guidance. Whereas before any home issue could be fixed with a phone call to a tradesman, consumers had to rely on themselves to solve their DIY disasters. 

Following the lockdown, there an a shortage of paint across the entire country. Consumers have now perfected their DIY skills and we predict a lot more consumers turning to home care brands as opposed to calling in a professional in the future. It’s key brands offer guidance for people who are still unsure and need the extra confidence boost that they can do it themselves. 

The word “Paint” saw a 77% increase in searches between March and April, but which type of paint were consumers looking for? Below are the top searches and increases between March and April 2020. Interestingly Kitchen paint topped the highest searches however bedroom paint saw the highest increase. With many people setting up their living room as their office, the bedroom may have been the room to relax in the evening therefore invoking a makeover!

  1. Kitchen paint – 20,097 – 29,137 (45% increase in monthly searches)
  2. Bedroom paint – 3,927 – 7,057 (80% increase in monthly searches)
  3. Bathroom paint – 30,000 – 35,031 (17% increase in monthly searches)

Google Trends shows a huge increase in searches related to garden fence paint. This search term increase from 172.9k to 511.3k in just one month which is a total increase of 196%! With this amount of people searching for garden fence paint, we predict this trend won’t slow down anytime soon. There will certainly be some green fingers who will need to redo their garden fence again shortly due to sun damage and they will turn to DIY brands to assist with this. 

1. Bigger spaces

Being confined in your home for so long in recent times may be a factor as to why 25% ok UK residents want to move to a bigger space within the next year. People are looking to create more space within their home. Whether you are redecorating with new colour to open up your space, or adding decorations like mirror to elongate the room, consumers are searching for products that can make their home appear larger. 

2. Outdoor Focus

Homeowners are now favouring properties with gardens. Those of us without gardens during lockdown flocked to parks in the hope for some greenery so it’s clear why a garden would be a priority for future properties. Those with gardens during lockdown paid a lot of attention to their outdoor space as a hobby and something to do in the evening or weekend. Sheds, fire pits, summerhouses and fence paint saw a huge growth in popularity and the upkeep of these who gave their garden a makeover means this trend will continue to rise.  

3. Redecorating

With people living and working in the same 4 walls, it’s no surprise that redecorating remains hugely popular. The most popular redecorating trends include: Vintage furniture, colourful bathrooms, interesting bathroom features, nature inspired pallets, all white kitchens, modern kitchen finishings and bathrooms with baths and showers together. 

4. Bathroom 

One of the most popular rooms to redecorate is the bathroom. The latest bathroom trends are marble, wood features, eco-friendly, black details, brass and industrial. Marble has seen the highest increase with wood features following closely behind. The most popular colour scheme for bathroom paint is blue with a 95% increase following by pink which has seen a 79% increase. Other popular colours include green and grey. A survey revealed the number one reason we renovate our bathroom is to make it more modern. 

5. Marble & Brass

Finishes such as marble and brass are seeing a significant spike in popularity. With people spending so much time at home, consumers are turning to luxurious finishes to give their home a dramatic makeover. Marble features saw a gigantic rise of 366% in 2020 and brass sales increased by 120%. Both of these finishes as a touch of class and go well with any colour scheme.

6. Industrial 

Features such as metal framework, piping and stone features are amongst a few of the industrial trends which have seen a significant rise in searches. There has been a 58% increase in industrial features recently. Whether this is people working from home who are trying to feel like they are at work, or people trying something dramatically different, look out for this upcoming trend. 

With so many people tackling their home and taking on DIY themselves during lockdown, brands will have a whole new set of consumers to appeal to. Trends such as making space bigger and innovative ways to redecorate are fantastic NPD opportunities for DIY and home care brands. Consumers will be looking for guidance and exciting new opportunities that are easy to execute and can inspire! Trends are courtesy of MoveIQ

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