Personal Care Trends 2021

With the pandemic affecting everything from our shopping habits to our skincare routines, today we look at 6 of the upcoming personal care trends of 2021. 

Wellness and relaxation is now integral to regimes and brands are consciously creating products that keep consumers protected and valued. With the new movement in the industry there are plenty of upcoming trends to look out for. 

1. At Home Peels

With the increase in Covid has come an increase in at home beauty treatments. Our usual go-to facial or dermatologist appointments have been put on pause and consumers are opting for products that can aid in giving them that salon glow. Currently Sephora’s most popular skincare product is Dr. Dennis Gross’s Clinical Grade Resurfacing Liquid Peel. There is also a rise in consumers investing in home treatments that focus on the jaw and neck area. 

Digital LED masks have also seen a rise in popularity recently. Performance skincare and high tech tools offer a go-to solution as they revolutionise skincare routines. These smart beauty products produce faster and easier results which is ideal for the busy consumer. 

Sephora’s Brand Director, David Razzano says “This past year saw most of us stuck at home, without access to salons and spas, and combating things like ‘maskne’ breakouts. As such, we saw a large number of people turn to products that allowed them to create a spa-like experience at home with the same professional-level results.” 

2. Hero Ingredients

It’s hard to keep up with what the latest “Hero” ingredient is within personal care that everyone will reach for. Previous years have been everything from hyaluronic acid to bakuchiol. So what is the next hot hero ingredient? The answer is Polygluatamic Acid. What is that you ask. The up and coming skincare ingredient is ultra hydrating and perfect for those with dry and dehydrated skin. 

It is popping up in more and more skincare launches, derived from fermented soybeans and naturally occurs in our bodies. Polygluatamic Acid can also boost skin elasticity, minimise pigmentation, help reduce the appearance of fine lines and can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water! Pretty powerful stuff!

There is a growing interest in ingredients like sea plasma and marine collagen to protect skin against blue light radiation. Blue light damage is a growing concert due to working from home, so consumers are seeking ingredients that can help and protect them. These particular ingredients harness the power of marine ingredients and being termed “Oceanic Beauty.”

3. Beyond Bath & Body 

The past year has been seen a focus on the importance of self care due to the stress of the pandemic. With the majority of the country working from home and spending all time indoors, a new or improved beauty routine has proved to be a positive distraction. 

There is a real focus at the moment for mood-boosting, energy and stress relieving products such as masks, oils and fragrances which have seen a staggering rise in sales. With consumers beginning to rate how products make them feel, these new types of skincare products termed “Emotional Beauty” will only continue to rise and inspire new innovations. 

With a huge focus on self care due to Covid 19, experts also predict seeing a growing demand for luxury bath oils and aromatherapy products. Turn your bathroom into your own personal spa and relax!

4. Scalp Care

There has always been such a huge focus on skincare routines, that it’s time for something else to take centre stage. Recently there has been an increase in discussions around the importance and benefits of scalp care routines. Advancements in LED hair masks as well as scalp specific products such as scrubs and serums means scalp care is front of mind. Experts predict that hair care aisle will see a rise in scalp care products and treatments due to the rise in more holistic beauty regimes.

Aleixa Inge, Cult Beauty’s Co-Founder states “The scalp has huge wellness potential, particularly in the realm of aromatherapy. Owing to how quickly essential oils applied there can hit your bloodstream. ‘Hair tea’ infusions aka formulas steeped with natural tea ingredients are also a growing trend that we’re seeing.”

5. Biotech Beauty 

Experts are predicting that biotech beauty will be everywhere! As eco friendly and sustainability issues continue to be addressed, brands are now exploring biotech to innovate and actively enhance sustainability. Biotech beauty describes lab made ingredients that either fuse natural ingredients with synthetic chemicals or create synthetic alternatives to natural ingredients. 

Biotech ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and squalene are also claimed to be more portent and efficacious. Combined with the increased sustainability, it’s no surprise that brands and consumers are showing an increased interest in Biotech and eco friendly packaging.

Director of Content and Curation, Maureen Choi says “Innovation in biotech beauty will advance beyond our imaginations this year. We’ve already seen beauty brands tap into the biotech space with many breakthroughs”

6. Focus on Eyes

As wearing a mask indoors and on transport is the new normal, there is a focus on the eye category. When it comes to make up, consumers are being much more experimental about eye make up shades. The reason being, this is the only part of their make up they can experiment with. As your eye will be the sole focus of your face wearing a mask, brands are upping their formulas. These include creating more creamy products that deliver unique and perfect results. 

Due to the increased attention on eyes, eyeshadow palettes remain ever popular. They hold a large variety of shades for consumers to play and experiment with. Innovations with eye make up currently include multi chrome eyeshadow to creates a colour shift for a truly unique look. Products that focus on increased eye improvement such as creams that target fine lines and tighten will continue to rise. 

That’s our top 6 Personal Care Trends of 2021! Which of these trends will you be looking into first? All trends are courtesy of Editorial List. 

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