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Yes you heard that right. Sustainable packaging company TIPA have created packaging that decomposes like orange peel after 6 months. They are the first to do so in the UK.

The new packaging is for Snact’s fruit jerky range who were after an environmentally friendly option for their packaging. This certainly fits that brief!

TIPA’s CEO and co-founder, Daphna Nissenbaum, says: “Over 9.6 million tonnes of plastic waste is sent to landfill every year in Europe and something has to change. We look forward to the beginning of a new era in packaging where for the first time, viable end-of-life solutions are available on the market.”

Below is an example of how the packaging decomposes. TIPA have run many tests simulating different conditions, which sometimes led to the decomposing taking as little as 24 weeks!


Here at Slice we think that it is a great idea and effort towards reducing the amount of waste from packaging! How many of you would keep this for 6 months just to see it decompose?

Original post courtesy of design week

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