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Slice’s logo recognition quiz

How well do you think you can recognise a logo?

We’ve cropped, removed text and shown you snippets of logos below for you to guess. Having a logo that is still instantly known even though it’s not in it’s full form is proof it’s done it’s job.

Give the quiz a go and let us know your score. Good luck!

Let’s start of easy..

1. Who’s is this logo?

Hint: Ba da da dada

2. How about this one?

Hint: It can be pronounced one of 2 ways

3. Recognise this logo?

Hint: TT

4. Who owns this?

Hint: A grande company 

5. Who’s holding shape is this?

Hint: Need to phone a friend?

Ready for some tricker ones?

6. How about this one?

Hint: Don’t melt under pressure

7. Who’s swoosh is this?

Hint: Love is in the air 

8. Any ideas?

Hint: London Look

9. Do you recognise this logo?

Hint: Really delivers

10. What company uses this in their logo?

Hint: You’ve got to be a smartie to get this one

11. Who uses this shape?

Hint: Pussycat doll approved

Ok expert level now..

12. Who’s A is this?

Hint: This one’s a bit hairy

13. Which logo is this from?

Hint: Our passion

14. Who’s text have we removed?

Hint: Is this getting under your skin?

15. Who uses this holding shape?

Hint: Great genes

16. What logo could this be?

Hint: Wait a minute

17. Can you guess this one?

Hint: Saucy by nature 


18. Give this one a go

Hint: For any occasion 

19. Here’s a tricky one for you

Hint: He says yes

20. Last one!

Hint: The way I are

What’s your score? Tell us below…

Answers are as follows:

  1. Mcdonalds
  2. Nike
  3. Audi
  4. Starbucks
  5. Samsung
  6. Cadbury
  7. Airwick
  8. Rimmel
  9. FedEx
  10. Nestle
  11. Muller
  12. Aveda
  13. Purina
  14. Vaseline
  15. Levi
  16. Ocado
  17. Knorr
  18. Hallmark
  19. Del Monte
  20. Timberland

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