T’is the season to be sniffly

T’is the season to be sniffly. As the temperatures drop, and the daylight hours fade, cold and flu season starts to rear is ugly head again!

With bleary eyes and nose is running like Niagara Falls, there is nothing you want more than to go into the local chemist and navigate to fixture without a fuss.

This is always been a bit of an issue for cold and flu treatments, I’ve worked on many over the years and they all seem to have suffered with the same old problem. They leave the consumer saying, “What does that one do?”

Claim is king, although you wouldn’t think that when you look at some of the packs as the active ingredients seem to take centre stage above and beyond any of the apparent benefits.

Sure, this is all because somebody with a clipboard in a laboratory somewhere needs to rubber stamp these, but it does seem to be getting more bonkers by the year at the expense of the consumer.

Have a look at this example from Lemsip, where you need to be actually sat on the shelf in order to decipher any of the benefits on the pack.

Whilst the big brands may endeavour to offer relief for some of the symptoms of this seasonal trauma, they don’t seem to have cracked solving some of the issues of legibility.

Always ensure that the most important information is made accessible. Empathy and action rule for brands that need to cue efficacy.

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