Choose your colours wisely

If the pack looks bland and washed out, then so to the benefits.

Yellow on white, or even white on yellow, is never going to give you shelf stand out or legibility on pack.

It’s an issue that pops up often on packs that are lemon or banana flavour. In these instances you have to be clever with how you utilise colour.

Take a look at this rather insipid baby food example from Aptamil.

Even when you zoom in on the photo, it’s quite tricky to read the information that’s on the pack and can turn consumers off.

Once you’ve built lots of time building busy new parents trust, the last thing you want is not to be able to communicate that through the on-pack narrative or appetite appeal.

Yellow is much better utilised as a background colour to an environment or holding shape with a bolder colour copy instead of white.

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