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When should I change my branding and packaging design?

Most brand owners have been there and asked them self this question. It’s really easy to get complacent and refuse the need for a change to your branding and packaging design because you’re either doing really, or there is no budget. But when is the right time – when you are on the upwards slope or when you are sliding down?

“But we only changed it a year ago.”

Great. But is it working? Has it enticed new consumers and enthused your existing ones? Sure your research group told you that Brian in Leeds and Wendy in North London were ‘uber excited’ but has that excitement played out in consumer world after launch? Or were Wendy and Brian just excited about getting free nibbles at consumer research group. The truth is that you should always be evaluating the brand and packaging on how well it meets consumer needs.

“But surely will cost a lot?”

You might be pleasantly surprised. Ultimately though, It’s an investment. Probably your most important investment as everything you do, create and say will be underpinned by it. The cost is based on what needs doing. It may not need a complete overhaul, just a re-evaluation of the pack architecture or simply more appetising food photography.

“But mine is the best product out there.” 

Sure you have the best tasting cake / pizza / dog biscuits out there. But here is the simple truth, so does everyone who launches a new product. That’s WHY they are launching a new product and that’s exactly why YOU need to stand out in the minds, memories and shopping baskets of the people buying it. Don’t just rely on you being the ‘best’ as all of your competition are, in their minds also the best.

“But it’s always been like this”

Life is change. Everything changes. Brands evolve and consumers evolve. So do their tastes and opinions. The best brands change to become more relevant, to answer new consumer needs or existing needs better. So should you.

“But we have never sold more than we do now. People love us.” 

Great. Hopefully that will continue but great brands remain fresh and constantly innovate. The reason consumers love you is because you met their needs. Consumer needs evolve and change. What is your plan to stay on top of this ever changing market place?

The truth is, its much easier to plan your next ‘big thing’ when you on the upwards trajectory when consumers are on our side, rather than a downwards one when they have moves onto the next big thing.

You can see some examples of our confectionary branding and packaging here. There are some more expanded examples on our Behance credentials page.

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