You can’t rely on bright colour alone for shelf stand out.

You can’t rely on bright colour alone for shelf stand out.

I’ve had a couple of conversations with clients over the last week regards how colour is best utilised on packaging.

Sure, a bright colour will give you stand out at fixture but it’s not the only weapon in the arsenal.

Once you catch a consumers attention, you’ve then got to entice them in and tell the story. If it was only about bright colours you’d have premium whiskeys in fluorescent greens and pinks and clearly you don’t. There’s a good reason behind that.

The choice of colour also has to tell a credible and relevant story for the brand. It needs to work as part of the design system. Part of the story telling.

Relying only on a bright colour is a trap that many brands fall into, take this great example from Cherry Blossom shoe care. Sure, the wall of red is eye-catching, but there is nothing within the brand communication that tells an emotive story that connects with the consumer beyond that. The copy is utilitarian, and the overall look anaesthetic is dated and functional.

Having a credible story goes a long way, it’s a reason for your consumer is to believe why you are the right product choice. It’s the brands opportunity to showcase how it adds a value.

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