Zaz wins ‘Best Package Design’ award

We are very proud to announce that our packaging design for Zaz Chocopops has won an award!

Design Rush have selected our design for new Zaz Chocopops for the award next month. Read more about our branding and packaging design for Zaz below.

We are thrilled that our packaging design for Zaz has been awarded ‘Best Package Design’ and kindly described as ‘Making A Bold Statement On Premium, Guilt-Free Snacks.’

Design Rush Award 2021

Judges’ Verdict: Zaz Chocopops Package Design Is A Standout In Branding And Food Packaging

“New players face double the challenges in making their products stand out on the market. They’re are often up against well-known brands and childhood nostalgic favourites that have been around for decades.  

Their bold design managed to integrate the branding in a surprisingly elegant manner despite displaying vibrant colours and large images front and center.

It’s no surprise that our judges crowned this design as a winner in the packaging design category!”

About Zaz Packaging Design

We were briefed to create the branding and and packaging design for the new range of Chocopops. The design needed to reflect the premium quality of the product. ZAZ’s mission to enable consumers to feel on top of their snacking routine without compromising on taste.

Based on a positioning of ‘King of ingredients,’ the regal design utilises a striking sash and gold foiling for bold impact on shelf. It was important to communicate that the snack was 100% natural and contained organic ingredients.

We opted for a vibrant colour palette and large product cameo that exudes appetite appeal.

Guilt free snacking has never been this divine, any time of the day!

Read more about our packaging design for Zaz here.

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