A fascinating innovation from the world of confectionery.

Here is a fascinating innovation from the world of confectionery.

As any parent will know, it’s tricky to get the kids off sweets and chocolate over the summer holiday, so it was great to see this innovation in the confectionery aisle in Thailand.

The pack consists of a thin sheet of roasted seaweed laced with chilli (other flavours are available).

The pack instantly caught my eye with a character, hurriedly stuffing, a whole sheet into their mouth!

The punchy colours and large format make it feel like you are getting much more bang for your buck, so even at a tiny 3.5g per pack the kids (or adults) dont feel like they are losing out – a really clever approach!

It retails about 8p per pack. The thinness of the format means that SRP’s can be filled to the brim and the pack commands a huge amount of real estate, because of the profile.

In a world where we are trying to limit the amount of sugar intake in kids, this innovative product can only be celebrated.

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