Aim to be the only.

Aim to be the only.

In theory, it shouldn’t work. It’s recessive on shelf it’s hard to make out from a distance or access to any of the information.

Oh, and the label doesn’t fit the bottle!

For anybody that follows my posts regularly, they will know that this pack goes against every single rule in the book, so why does it work?

Well I suppose that’s the burning question, but this is where being unique comes to the fore.

If anybody’s tried to find this on shelf, you will know that it sums up the proverbial needle in a haystack. it’s easy to miss. I’ve probably gone round the store six times looking for it!

Maybe that’s part of its currency.

The fact is, it’s different. It means to be different. It means to look odd, and because it’s the only brand that does this, thats what makes it stand out.

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