Give it some welly!

In the world of big and bold flavours, you have to be big and bold with your branding and packaging design.

The ready-made source fixture is that one stop shop for those lazy short of timers that can’t be bothered to rustle something up from scratch with some simple ingredients, those consumers that want a big punchy meal time offering with little input and fuss.

This sector is filled with brands that offer ready-made simplicity, so it’s unusual to see Heinz very recessive offering at such a prominent eye line in store.

It certainly needs to be at eye line as well! On a recent shopping trip, Mrs G grabbed one and said, ‘Look at this, it looks just like baby food!’.

I don’t think she’s wrong, a gentle and recessive approach seems to be the opposite what consumers are looking for in this sector.

Maybe its one of those designs that tested well as visual close-up, but not in the real world on a busy fixture.

Come on Heinz, you need to give it some welly!

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