Always build appetite appeal

I’m quite partial to a crumpet. There is something really warm and homely about it.

It conjures up lots of really happy memories. Every time I see an image of them it always gets my mouth drooling!

Well, almost every time, that was until I saw this iteration on a Warburtons pack.

Normally for a crumpet to get this dark, all of the smoke alarms have gone off and the Fire Brigade are on the way!

Printing on flexibles can often be tricky, but if you’re going to show a picture of your product is paramount that drives taste appeal. Also, that it resembles the tone and the colour of the product you can see through the window right next to it.

Your image creates the mood and the environment to enjoy the product. That’s how you connect emotionally to the consumer.

Maybe Warburtons need to invest the same amount of money in their packaging as they do in the A-list celebrities for their adverts.

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