Consumers do not buy buy features, they only buy benefits.

Your brand cannot rely on authenticity alone.

In a supermarket world of ‘own-brand value’ where many of the products borrow heavily from the leading brands its important to find a way to differentiate your offer.

It’s clear that in this area, many of the big brands have a lot of catching up to do if they are trying to own authenticity as a cornerstone of the brand.

That’s the same, whether it’s authentic recipes, authentic ingredients, or relying on provenance.

A quick look at some of the own brand offerings, such as this Sainsbury’s curry highlight at point.

Authenticity was once the go to for the big brands but is now fairly ubiquitous across the category.

Many of the own brands have moved from simplistic packs to put more of a focus on ‘made to an authentic recipe’ or ‘inspired by’ specific regions and use well crafted, appetising food shots.

Trying to be authentic alone to differentiate just doesn’t cut it anymore.

It’s never be more important to have a credible and compelling brand story to help differentiate you from some of these own brand offerings and the ‘expected’ look of the fixture.

Consumers do not buy buy features, they only buy benefits.

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