What is it called?

A memorable brand name is absolute gold dust.

It’s what people use to ask for your product and also what consumers use to recommend your product

Therefore it was quite strange to see this new product on shelf.

Now clearly, it’s a margarine or spread of some type, or that’s the conclusion that I came to based on its location in the fixture (just call me Sherlock). But what is it called?

The name on the lid is different to the name on the side of the pack, or hang on, maybe it’s not a name, it’s a benefit?!

Your brand name can be the most memorable part of your product for a consumer. It’s a fantastic combination of graphical signposting and (verbal) sonic branding.

A successful brand name is part of a wider design ecosystem. Consistency is key. The tone of voice and replication needs to be consistent across the whole of the ecosystem.

If I don’t know what to ask for, how do I know what it is?

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