Stretching the brand

Many of the supermarkets are now creating mini brands in order to hold their product portfolio.

They are moving from the traditional own-brand pack format to the mock brand, in order to emulate what many of the discounters are doing.

Whilst this clearly begins to work from a storytelling point of view and adds a bit more ‘value’, it’s interesting to note how some of the multiples are trying to stretch these pastiche brands into multiple sectors.

Last year, Sainsbury’s launched Stamford Street Co. across many of their own brand foods and have since followed this trend by moving into into a personal care sector.

This raises a huge question mark over how this story can flex into other segments. In Sainsbury’s instance, whilst this may work from the food storytelling point of view, and conjures up an idea of artisan street food, it works less well when it moves into areas, such as mouthwash.

This brand stretch works best if the brands are associated or linked in specific categories. Wouldn’t a personal care equivalent of Stamford Street Co. be better?

What are your thoughts?

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