Protect the brand assets at all costs!

Protect your assets.

I’m seeing the example below quite a lot recently.

Brands are challenging and changing their logo in order to fit a seasonal offering.

Hovis has transformed to ‘Ho Ho Hovis’ and Warburtons, rather more subtly has become ‘Warbrrrtons’.

Whilst this may seem fitting, it removes recognition from previously strong branding.

Importantly, maintaining brand consistency also strengthens the legal case from private labels and discounters trying to copy hard fought assets and equity.

In advance of comments stating, ‘it shows the power of a good logo and how it can be flexed’, it doesn’t show flexibility. It shows dilution, and that is not what a successful brand should do.

Protect the assets at all costs!

Ho ho hopeless! Have I gone a bit Bah Humbug?

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