How to own a sector

Why do plant-based, meat substitute products take their naming strategy directly from meat?

It seems to be selling the product in on something that it clearly isn’t and that it would prefer to be a bus ride away from.

I appreciate that they need to signal what they are replacing, however, I wonder whether this sector could benefit from creating a more own-able, non-meat related language to describe the formats?

Have a look at this example from Paxo, where the descriptor leads on ‘Meatballs’ on a ‘meat-free’ product.

Maybe this is only temporary and utilised to get consumers used to these new formats.

That said, it could also be the perfect time to create a whole new sector language to entice consumers. Something a little more ownable and attributable directly to the meat free space?

The brand that does this would be the pioneer and pathfinder in the space.

Consumers make snap decisions when decoding a pack so always make sure that what they decode helps position the brand in front of the competition.

Own that sector.

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