Intentionally naive or just bad design?

Intentionally naive nostalgia, or just bad design?

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell whether something has been intentionally designed in a naive, nostalgic sort of way, or if, as in the attached example from Camp, it is just dated and lacklustre design.

I picked this up because I was incredibly confused by it. It was in the coffee fixture, but doesn’t utilise any coffee cues or explain how it is best used.

Whilst it promises to be a ‘firm family favourite’, I’ve chatted with a few families and they all shared the very same confused look! The two blokes sat outside the tent aren’t helping matters either. This sort of illustration can normally be a good visual shortcut to pedigree or tradition, however, judging by the looks on their faces, they look as confused as the people I asked earlier!

If you have an ‘unusual’ product and you want to break new ground, it’s important to showcase what value you can add to the consumers day.

Be clear and concise rather than vague and naive. If you are using nostalgia, ensure it is made relevant.

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