Remember to establish a clear pack architecture

Remember to establish a clear pack architecture.

Establishing a robust yet flexible architecture is incredibly important for any brands looking to extend their portfolio.

Done correctly, it helps consumers navigate the range in an efficient way.

Do it incorrectly, as per the example from Capri-Sun below, and it causes no end of confusion.

Low sugar options are normally signposted with a blue or white on the pack. Here, Capri-Sun have kept the same colour ways as the full sugar version and allocated the whole top part of the pack to communicate ‘zero’, overpowering the brand logo, somewhat.

Interestingly, the banner that normally denotes flavour on the full sugar version is then allocated as the low sugar flag. This confusion can lead to people picking up the incorrect version.

Any brand that doesn’t get their communication clear, can risk creating a subconscious distrust from the consumer.

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