Make sure the composition is optimised to ensure standout

One of the big advantages of advent calendars is the huge branding space available.

It’s usually a fantastic way to create a bit of seasonal excitement for confectionery brands and introduce the product to loyal fans and new consumers alike.

So this Maltesers offering is an odd addition to the festive lineup this year. Whilst many of the competition have opted for a large brand logo, Maltesers have gone for a very minimal approach with a huge amount of dead space towards the top of the pack.

This minimal approach is also echoed in the numbering system, so unless door number one, has a magnifying glass behind it. Good luck trying to work your way sequentially through the days up till Christmas Eve.

Negative space is often a great way to frame a brand logo and create an area of calm on a busy shelf but I wonder if this offering where the brand logo is pushed towards the bottom of the canvas and hidden behind the SRP is the best solution?

Simplicity is key, but always make sure the composition is optimised to ensure standout.

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