Let your personality shine through

Ask any kid who Mr. Beast is, and they will immediately start spouting stories about his excess and over the top character.

As with Logan Paul and KSI, launching Prime, Mr. Beast has not been late to the party, introducing his own brand of consumer goods Feastables, a range of snacking chocolate bars.

MrBeast is known for his hugely expensive videos, altruism and larger than life personality. On one recent video he asked 100 people of all different ages to see how long they could stay in a cube – the winner getting half a million dollars. On another he filled a house with fireworks and blew it up whilst driving a freight train int a huge hole!

With this launch, there was a perfect opportunity to introduce some of his unique altruistic character and showmanship onto pack, which I feel they missed out on a little.

Social media influencers will always look to release consumer goods as they are a fantastic way to capitalise on their fanbase, but it’s important that the personality of the individual comes across in the storytelling in these products, otherwise they may disappear amongst the competition on shelf.

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