Pet food is a curious area.

Pet food is a curious area.

Clearly, as humans we are not intended to be the end consumer so making it look appetising can be quite a strange thing to get your head around.

That said your pet is like one of the family, so you want them to enjoy what they are eating. So what is important, is to make it look, feel and appear as though it is food. Good food. Nom nom type of food!

Most of the brands in the space do this well, but there are the odd ones, such as the brand below, that seem to not follow any of the necessary rules.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes challenging rules can be a great way to stand, out but it’s important you still play some sector rules in order to encourage purchase.

Forthglade appears more like a product from the gardening sector. The stripped back industrial feel seems more at home with products that promise, healthy lawn or a clean patio rather than a healthy pet!

Break the rules by all means, but remember to follow category cues as well, otherwise you risk not convincing the consumer to make a switch from their usual brand.

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