We need to be honest with consumers

Lets get this straight. Plastic is not evil.

I wanted to expand on a comment I made on a post last week.

I’m a firm believer in the right piece of packaging for the right product. There seems to be an outcry against the use of plastic across-the-board at the moment. In many instances, plastic is the best solution. For instance, for fresh meats.

There is a huge amount of confusion in the industry which tends to mislead consumers with regards what packaging substrate is the ’better’ choice for that particular product.

Whist some brands openly state that they have removed plastic and replaced it with XY or Z, dig around and you will still find out that it still relies on plastic in some form.

You may have seen the glass spirit and wine bottles replaced for ‘paper bottles’. The truth is they aren’t just paper, they are lined with plastic barrier.

This hiding of substrates and showcasing ‘better’ green credentials, seems to be popping up all over the place.

Plastic is widely and easily recyclable. In some instances it IS the best solution. So rather than damning it, we should be looking to cut back on overpacking and mixing substrates together which in some instances renders them un-recyclable.

Maybe in fact we should be looking into a better recycling infrastructure altogether

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