Would reusing be much more efficient?

I couldn’t resit the urge to open up one of those paper wine bottles. I thought I’d post it on here in case anybody was as interested as me as to what secrets lie within!

So, the pack consist of four separate components, a foil lined bag which is connected to a different plastic lug, a carton outer and a metal lid. Whilst the card rapper is recyclable, the foil liner isn’t. On top of that the plastic lug that is adhered to the foil liner will take some doing to separate and recycle as a separate component.

I read with interest on the pack itself about the reduced carbon footprint, but I have to say I’m not sure that I’m fully convinced because of the smorgasbord of multi-material gizmos!

Is this really better than glass environmentally and from a waste point of view when you factor in the full life cycle from creation to disposal? Would reusing packaging materials in a circular economy not be much more efficient?

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